Google AdWords & Google Analytics


What is the best moment to make an offer or awareness of your business? For sure it is the moment when customer searches for your products.

Have you ever wondered how many people use search engine to search for your products or services and how often? Did you analyse if your competitors are more visible than you are on search engine result page?

Google AdWords can help us reach exactly those people in the moment when they search for You. Using Google AdWords we can run different types of campaigns (search campaign, display campaign, search campaign with display select, shopping campaign, video campaign, universal app campaign) and use different types of ads (text, image, rich media or video). Great thing about AdWords is that you only pay when user click, make desirable action such as conversion or else, or for certain number of impressions of your content.

What if you could show your ads to those people who visited your website and left without desirable action while onsite? Did you ever had the impression that content from a website that you visited is chasing you via web? Remarketing does exactly that and POSH 33 can help You do it too.

Google Analytics is another great tool that can help us know details about performance of your website and your users. Where they come from, how they behave on your pages, what are the most important sources of visits for your website etc. Linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts can truly boost your intelligence and decision making.